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Basic Knowlodge about CCTV

Q1What is CCTV?

Closed Circuit Television is a group of cameras, monitors and accessory equipment that work together as a system and are interconnected by various types of cables.


Q2: What’s the meaning of Lux?

Lux is the measure of light the camera needs to reproduce an image. The lower the Lux number, the less light the camera requires. A black & white camera will grasp an image longer than a color camera. For instance, a camera with a LUX rating of .0003 will see MUCH better in the dark than a camera with a .03 LUX rating. When we specify low lux, typically the lux is .0003.


Q3What is low lux?

The minimum light requirements for recording are measured in lux. A decent standard color CCD camera might be 0.5 to 0.1 lux. A decent B&W CCD camera might be about 0.01. A low lux camera would be more like .003 to .0001 The smaller the number, the better ability to see in the dark.


Q4: What’s the difference between 850nm and 940nm LED?

The 940nm infrared LEDs are virtually invisible (99%)to the naked eye. These LEDs produce virtually no light that the human eye can see. The light that comes from these, however, can be utilized by infrared cameras. The 850nm infrared LEDs is not as invisible as a 940. They have a very slight reddish glow to the LEDs themselves. The fact that they do have a very small amount of light that the human eye can see means directly relates to how well they can illuminate. A 850nm LED will illuminate better than a 940nm LED, all things being equal. The lower the NM number gives it better illumination ability. Operating voltage, amperage, manufacture and even actual size of the LED all play vital roles in the brightness and lifespan of an LED.


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